aNueNue MBS14E Feather Bird Bass Guitar



aNueNue MBS14E Feather Bird Bass Guitar

Mint condition: No scratches, dents, dings…

aNueNue Bird Bass with offset soundhole, and bass brace design. The bass is compact and lively, the bass response musically cut through mix.

Bird Bass has a 24 frets design, and tonal access across two Octave. The straight cutaway, along with bevel cutaway allow players to reach 24 frets at ease. A removable rosewood Finger-Rest is included, allow musicians to position their thumb at a greater comfort.

DESIGN — Moving the Sound hole to the top left added more top resonance space and allows the body to vibrate. The offset sound hole improves the balance and clarity of high, mids and lows.

BODY — aNueNue’s guitar body adds more resonance space to allow for a fuller sound. Innovative bracing patterns makes the sound very balanced. The straight cutaway makes playing at the higher register frets an ease. Rosewood binding is added for better protection. The gloss finish is buffed to mirror-like shine.

WOOD — Solid cedar top is softer, and resonance well. Tone is warm, and beautiful singing high. Laminated mahogany back/sides is more durable and flexible.

HEADSTOCK — The MBS14E headstock has an aNueNue classical design with a rosewood headstock veneer is design with mother of pearl inlay logo. Gear tuners are used and allow for precise tuning. You won’t have to worry about the guitar going out of tune after every song.

FINGERBOARD — MBS14E has a rosewood fingerboard. Rosewood is a hard tone wood, with open pores and is a stable wood to work with. It is also adaptable to climate changes and with the 44mm nut width, along with the 24-fret design, allows for endless tonal possibilities.

Bridge — The oval-shaped ebony bridge helps support the string tension. The buffalo bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance.

PICKUP – (aNueNue Space) — aNueNue Bass Space active pickup is friendly to use with Volume, Treble, Bass Control. Freq 50hz +/- 15db and 500hz +/- 9db. Musicians can dial in tone across different music genre. Low power opeartion with a CR2032 coin battery.

GIGBAG — aNueNue 36 inch deluxe gigbag, use quilted nylon cloth and designed the case with 20mm of thickness for extra protection. There’s a front pocket for easy storage. There’s also both a side handle, and backpack style straps, to make it easy to carry.


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